Celebrating Black Visual Culture

A Walk in the Park in America

Monroe Aki O'Bryant


A searing pictorial series by Artprize 2D Juried Award Winner, Monroe Aki O'Bryant.  that examines the animated residue of the cultural impact of race science on Americans.  The series seeks to interpret the lasting effects of cultural and familial separation on Black American communities as a result of the onset of the African Diaspora. One of the intents of the series is to share perspective that explores the Black community's dependency on the system of Capitalism and its Titans despite the national populous being largely socially and economically disenfranchised and historically regarded as languid and uninspired. 

Additionally, through its imagery, the series looks to interpret and disclose a narrative regarding the root cause of the genocidal effects of Black-on-Black violence and various other types of contentious dynamics that exist in the community. In the end, the objective is to not feed the fire of culturally rooted opposition but instead, create the basis upon which healthy and respectful dialogue can exist to construct a resolution that everyone can contribute.. 

Exhibition components

The exhibition is constructed using four sets of photographic conversations. The staged and manipulated photographs range in size from 8" by 10" to 24" by 30", each individually framed. See page 3 -7 for the photographic sets. Obsidian provides individual object label and wall panel text as a Microsoft Word document. Exhibition requires 70 linear feet to adequately install.

Participation note

Fee is $2,000 for a standard 8-week exhibition period. A nonrefundable 20% down payment is due upon execution of the Loan Agreement; 80% is due 90 days prior to the opening date.

Venues to prepare incoming and outgoing condition reports on each piece.

Venue to pay for round-trip climatized shipping except if the show has consecutive bookings, in which case consecutive venues share the cost of the venue-to-venue shipping leg. Venues to provide a certificate of insurance.


Monroe Bryant Exhibition Brochure2 (pdf)